What Makes Gummy Bears So Good?

gummy bears

Have you ever wondered just what makes gummy bears so good? In this article we explore their universal appeal and try to figure out why we love them so. We also have some cool ideas for getting crafty in the kitchen with your favourite gummy sweets.

Why Are Gummy Bears So Popular?

Gummy bears have an almost magical quality of hitting the sweet spot of nostalgia and novelty all at once. But why are they so popular?

Could it be that their vibrant colours offer a playful respite from the humdrum of everyday life? Possibly, but most sweets are colourful, and we are attracted to them like bees to flowers. Is it the sweet, fruity flavours that we like so much? Again, gummy bears did not exactly reinvent the wheel when they rolled into Flavour Town. So maybe, they are just super cute.

Yet there is something undeniably special about a gummy bear. Something that sets it apart from other gummy sweets. Their adorable shape isn’t just for show; it seems to be the perfect form for a satisfying chew, making them irresistibly fun to eat. The texture itself is just right, with exactly the right amount of bounce. The fruity flavour also hits exactly the right note. Maybe it has something to do with the way it slowly melts in the mouth.

And let’s not forget, their fame isn’t just confined to the candy world – these bears have bounced their way into all sorts of cultural corners, from TV shows and movies to social media trends, keeping them front and centre in our hearts and minds.

Lets visit the colourful world of gummy bears and take a look around shall we?

Are Gummy Bears Healthy?

Let’s get this often asked yet clearly bizarre question out of the way first. No, gummy bears are not healthy. Yes, multivitamin gummies are a thing, mostly involved in the deception of children by grown ups who should know better. But no, gummy bears are not one of your five a day. Nowhere close. We do however agree that a handful of sweets is certainly good for the soul.

So, What Are Gummi Bears Made Out Of?

The ingredients of gummy bears are quite simple.

  • Gelatine: This is the key ingredient that gives gummy bears their signature chew. Derived from animal collagen, gelatine is what provides that delightful bounce in every bite. It is also responsible for that slow melt that releases those fruity flavours.
  • Sugar: Sweetness is key here! Sugar is what makes these bears so irresistible to both kids and adults alike.
  • Syrup: Invert sugars (syrups, such as glucose) help to keep the sugar from crystallizing, so you get that perfect smooth texture without any graininess.
  • Flavouring: Whether it’s natural or artificial, flavouring gives each gummy bear its distinct fruity taste that we all know and love.
  • Food colouring: Those vibrant colours aren’t just for show; they also help us associate flavours with colours.
  • Citric acid: This is often added to give a slight tang and balance the sweetness, enhancing the overall mouth-watering effect.

Are Gummi Bears Vegan?

Whilst vegan versions of gummi bears are available, it is animal derived gelatine that (quite literally) sets gummy bears apart. Gelatine has unique setting qualities that gives jelly its wobble and these much loved gummy sweets their trademark chew. It also has unique melting qualities that make it virtually impossible to mimic with plant-based derivatives.

Do gummi bears have pig gelatine?

Some gummy bears are made with pig gelatine, whilst others are made with beef.

Gluten-free gummi bears

Gluten is not an actual ingredient in gummy bears but not all brands are labelled and certified as gluten-free. Say it with me. Always check the label.

Gummi Bear Treat Ideas

If you ever get bored of the simple pleasure that is chewing a gummy bear (as if) here’s a few ideas to switch it up.

Gummy bear popsicles:

Just add a handful of gummy bears to your favourite juice or soda and freeze them in popsicle moulds for a fun and fruity frozen treat.

Gummy bear thumbprint cookies

Press a gummy bear into the centre of your thumbprint cookies right after they come out of the oven—a sweet surprise awaits when they cool down!

Candy sushi

Make sushi rolls sweeter by wrapping a gummy bear with a strip of fruit roll-up and a piece of flattened rice crispy treat for a creative confectionary twist.

Gummy bear mocktails (or not)

Stir some gummy bears into your sparkling water or ginger ale to give it that little extra flair and a hint of fruity flavour as they dissolve.

Gummy bear trail mix

Toss some gummy bears with nuts, dried fruits, and popcorn to create a sweet and savoury snack perfect for movie night or your next hiking adventure.

Chocolate dipped gummies bar

Melt your favourite chocolate, allow it to cool a bit and then stir gummy bears through it. Pour onto a silicone mat and leave to set in the fridge. The contrast of gummy against chocolate is oddly enjoyable.

Gummy bear ice cream topping

Sprinkle gummy bears over your ice cream to add a chewy texture to every spoonful. Or go one step further and stir it through your favourite flavour.

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