Chocolate Jewels Snack Food for Home Movies

Chocolate Jewels from the bush cookies are an ideal conversation starter for home movies, home party, and buffet. The Large Chocolate buttons are covered with hundreds and thousands of rainbow colored sprinkles and freckles. They look like a large attractive precious jewel which can be perfect for your kid’s birthday party.

These Chocolate Jewels can be used for lolly buffet a baby shower or for a wedding. The Chocolate Jewels come in a large 1kg budget pack. The Lolly Shop also offers bulk lollies and Rock candies along with some great snack foods, to sum up, your blissful evening.

The Lolly Shop is a registered brand of Opera Foods which delivers wholesale lollies.

Children’s Delight & Exciting Lollies Delivered Right to You

The Lolly Shop has a wide range of your favorite lollies which you enjoyed as children and now you can give the same delight to your kids.

We have a massive range of classic Australian lollies from where you can add some Australian candy along with the cookies and bickies which you have ordered from Opera Foods a wholesale food Suppliers in Australia.

We stock about every requirement you need be it a party or a family outing. We have the highest quality lollies with different flavors like Blue Clouds Blueberry, Chocolate balls of various colors. You can also snack foods like Caramel Popcorn and Rocky Road cupcakes.

You can order bulk lollies from The Lolly Shop which manufactures and delivers wholesale lollies in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane at an affordable price.

Order Lollies Bursting with Citrus Flavors and vibrancy from our Candy Shop

The Fruit Salad rock candy is a mixture of different varieties of boiled lollies. The citrus fruit flavored boiled lollies are packed in a resealable jar which makes them the perfect gourmet gift. A stylish jar & tamper tag, a nice dispenser which makes it a must include in the Gourmet gift baskets.

All boiled lollies are handmade in Australia by our best confectioners; they are beautifully hand-crafted old fashioned rock candy.

The Bursting flavors of Citrus fruits will surely bring smiles to your face and satisfaction to your soul. You can buy bulk Rock Candy Boiled Lollies or order the Mixed Pack of 100gm Jars from the candy shop of the brand The Lolly Shop.

The Lollyshop is a registered brand of best wholesale confectionery Opera Foods.

Different Varieties of Boiled Lollies

The Lolly Shop is a brand which provides bulk Lollies all over Australia. The Lolly Shop has six standard flavors of boiled Lollies namely Rosey Apple Bits, Fruit Salad bits, Raspberry Creams, Humbugs, Bullseyes and Choc Mints. These Lollies are packed in re-saleable jars thus giving it an attractive and colorful look. They can also be given as the perfect Gourmet gift basket addition for any events.

You can order these jars of lollies in cartons of 12 at very low and reasonable price from our wholesale confectionery Opera Foods. We deliver Lollies in and around the suburbs of Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane overnight.

The Lolly Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods.

Get The Ensemble Of Lollies Plus Snack Foods Of Your Choice

If you’re organizing a lolly buffet, you’re on track to choose between Pink Lollies, Blue Lollies, Rock Candy or Snack Foods.

Tasty, crunchy and colorful to suit your various moods and occasions, you could buy for a single consumption event or buy in bulk to have them handy for having on and off. Numerous sizes and packs are available to help you zero on to your special needs.

The Lolly Shop is the Distributor of Wholesale Lollies and if you are on to retailing, smaller packs made from our wholesale lots will eventually garner you better margins.

Bulk Lollies are suitable for candy buffet parties or the more solemn occasions of Weddings

Gourmet gift Jars are ideal for Retailers. Besides providing the assortment of lollies, there is a value of the jars which are reusable.

From the Lolly Shop site, you are guided to the Opera Foods online store. We are Wholesale Food Suppliers to the needs of Retailers for Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane overnight and the rest of Australia with extra delivery times.

Special Offer Pinata Mix Wrapped Lollies

Pinata Mix Individually wrapped lollies SPECIAL from the Lolly Shop

A special offer for 2 weeks only.

Get 50% off our famous large Pinata Mix wrapped lolly bulk bag, when you spend $10 or more on other products in our online store.

Buy online  now. The Offer applies to any products bought online from our parent company Opera Foods wholesale food Suppliers Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane till 15th April .
Limited offer.

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Rocky Road Cupcakes A Nice Gourmet Gift

Rocky Road Cupcakes

Rocky Road Cupcakes are a gourmet gift treat from The Lolly Shop brand. They are a unique gourmet gift product with six different rocky road cupcakes that are loaded with yum. They are packed in gold foil cups 6 to a tray.

There are many variations of the famous Rocky Road snack food and this one is special. The pack features two each with Dark Chocolate , two with Milk Chocolate and two with White Chocolate.

So it basically a rocky road variety pack.

Buy them at all Harris Farm Markets stores or at Ritchies IGA New Lambton store, which has now re-opened after renovations.

The Lolly Shop is a subsidiary of Opera Foods and manufactures and delivers Wholesale lollies Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane.

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Buy The Lolly Shop Snack Food at Ritchies IGA

Snack Food from the Lolly Shop - Rocky Road cupcakes Honeycomb and Toffee brittle

Confectionery from The Lolly Shop

Ritchies IGA re-opened their refurbished and enlarged IGA store at New Lambton NSW this week with a huge variety of unique and local regional brands.

One of the featured brands is The lolly shop’s snack food lines. Pictured is the stand for The Lolly Shop near the checkout counters.

The Ritchies store offers the pack of 6 Rocky road Cupcakes which includes 3 flavors (Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. 2 of each) so there is something for all kinds of Chocolate lovers in that pack.

See also the Macadamia Brittle and the Peanut Brittle. Two old fashioned caramel toffee lollies just like your granny used to make.

One of our best selling snack foods is the Honeycomb (plain or choc coated in a 130g bag).

The Lolly Shop is a registered business name and a subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd.

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Pinata Mix from The Lolly Shop all Individually Wrapped

Pinanta Mix Bulk Lollies

Pinanta Mix Bulk Lollies

Our delightful tasty Pinata Mix 750g Bulk Lollies Bag for Lolly Buffet or Lolly bar, from The Lolly Shop, will make your Party a special event. Just watch the kids bash down a big pinata and retrieve all of the lollies. A huge variety of individually wrapped lollies with a flavor for every taste.
Buy Bulk Lollies online from The Lolly Shop
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Boiled Lollies Classic Favourites for Gourmet Gifts

Boiled lollies rock candy from The Lolly Shop

Boiled lollies rock candy from The Lolly Shop

Boiled Lollies, or rock candy as the Americans call them, are an old fashioned hand-made sweet treat that are hard to beat for pleasing.

The Lolly Shop’s Classic 100g jars still have that old fashioned look that says quality and they are still one of the most popular gourmet gift products on the market.

The Lolly Shop offers six standard flavours that are perfect everyday gift items and excellent in a gourmet gift baskets due to their universal acceptance and enjoyment.

Shown here in a clear acetone box as a set of 3 with a ribbon, there are many ways to incorporate them into a gourmet gift basket.

For bulk orders please order in advance or for regular retail orders, we always have a stock and they are available in a box of 12 of each flavour or an assorted dozen.

The Lolly Shop is a registered Australian business name and a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian fine foods wholesalers and manufacturers Opera Foods.

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