Wholesale lollies Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane

The Lolly Shop is your distributor of Wholesale Lollies. We specialise in candy buffet or lolly bar and pinata parties. We deliver overnight to Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane. Also to most other suburbs in 2 days.

Sour Worm Bulk lollies 1kg

Sour Worm Bulk lollies 1kg

But The Lolly Shop is more than bulk lollies direct, we are really a lolly warehouse selling lollies online and wholesale confectionery to retailers right across Australia.

Wholesale Lollies

For retailers looking for wholesale lollies in small bags we have it. Also lollies for impulse sales or rock candy gift jars. The Lolly Shop can offer cheap lollies that are also classical favorite flavors. Or why not re-pack our bulk 1kg bags into small retail lots. This method can maximise your margins.

Bulk Lollies

Retailers can repack our bulk into retail tubs so easily to improve margins. Our bulk lollies include blue lollies and pink lollies allowing you to create a great candy buffet as well as bulk candy for wedding lollies. Most of the lollies we carry are classical favourites. So popular with the majority of buyers.

Bullseyes Peppermint Boiled Lollies Rock Candy 100g Jars - Packed In Boxes of 12

Peppermint Bullseyes Boiled Lollies

Gourmet Gift Jars For Retail Sales

The Lolly Shop’s gourmet gift jars are a great seller for retailers. The lolly shop has narrowed down a much wider field of flavours. We now offer to our 6 most popular boiled lollies in gift packs. We have packed these boiled lollies , or rock candy, into cute reusable glass jars.

A jar of boiled lollies is a great desk-top ornament that keeps the confectionery fresh. These gift jars are a perfectly presented gourmet gift. They are very popular as a well presented gift under $6.00 retail price.

The Lolly Shop is a long established Australian family owned registered business name. We are wholesale suppliers to Australia’s retailers of small lolly bags, bulk 1kg lolly bags, boiled lollies in candy jar gifts, Lolly Pops, Snack Bars and other sweet treats.

The Lolly Shop is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd, Australian fine food wholesalers

Our online shop initially shows retail prices. We invite retailers to register for wholesale access at the group online store. This enables established retailers to see wholesale prices. Also to order for immediate overnight delivery. All products are barcoded and retail ready with a nutrition label.

Contact us now to discuss your wholesale confectionery needs 02 4954 6166

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