Butter Shortbread Cookies 210g


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Butter Shortbread Cookies 210g is a crunchy biscuit manufactured in Australia by Bush Cookies . Buy Cookies and biscuits to make your high tea go nicely

The Lolly Shop offers bulk lollies online wholesale from their warehouse in Australia. Our Butter Shortbread Cookies 210g  is a well loved favorite in Opera Foods,cookies,butter, shortbread, ,.

Morning tea ideas for great gourmet cookies and we are delivering wholesale lollies to retailers in Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct for your lolly buffet presentation at children’s parties.

Wholesale food suppliers for bulk snack food & cookies

Country Of Origin: Made In Australia from Majority Australian Produce
Ingredients: Flour (100% Wheat Flour), Butter (Unsalted), Icing Sugar (Sugar (95%), Wheaten Cornflour (5%)), Wheat Starch
Allergen Statement: Wheat and Milk May contain traces of nuts or seeds.


Energy: 1990
Protein: 5.1
Total Fats: 27.8
-Saturated Fats 17.9
Carbohydrates 52.4
– Sugars 13.6
Sodium 7

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