Pink & White Marshmallow Hearts 1kg – Lolliland


  • We deliver overnight to most Suburbs.
  • Pop these on a pillow or serve one with a coffee.
  • Great for laughter & smiles.
  • Clears up whingeing, sore fingers and skinned knees.
  • ideal to share the love around.
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Marshmallow Hearts are a popular lolly buffet filler in pink and white. They are ideal for weddings, valentines day or baby showers.

The Lolly Shop offers bulk lollies online wholesale from their warehouse in Australia. Our Pink & White Marshmallow Hearts 1kg – Lolliland  is a favorite in Pink Lollies.

We deliver overnight to most Suburbs. and we are delivering wholesale lollies to retailers in Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct for your lolly buffet presentation at children’s parties.

ideal to share the love around.

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Total Fats:
-Saturated Fats
– Sugars

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