Maltesers Party Bucket 465g – Carton of 6 Buckets


  • Handy re-sealable Bucket perfect for Parties
  • A Classic Chocolate Sensation
  • Good for the soul and for fun
  • A Light crunchy Malt & Chocolate that melts in your mouth
  • Hand this bucket around your guests will appreciate you.
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Six large 465g buckets to a carton. (suggest buy in Multiples of 6 for the same freight cost) Mars Maltesers are round milk chocolate coated balls of honeycombed malt. They were invented by Forrest Mars Sr. in 1936 These malt balls are totally smothered in milk chocolate, making them perfect slowly suck until the entire malt ball collapses and melts in your mouth. Of course you can just crunch them up and chomp them down. The texture and flavour of the malt flavor is light and airy, with a little crunch if your want to bite down. When you suck them, the inside dissolves as soon as the case is broken or the the chocolate is liquid, leaving you with mostly a great chocolate taste. Very Moorish! People just love the light inner texture of Mars Maltesers and the quality of the milk chocolate. The light malt flavour in the fast disolving centers makes them Pop to the tastebuds. We recommend the 465g Malteasers Party Bucket for TV snacks, BBQ’s, birthdays or just for sharing with friends and family. Its a good feeliong to share these around and the bucket is resealable to keep the rest till later.

The Lolly Shop offers bulk lollies online wholesale from their warehouse in Australia. Our Maltesers Party Bucket 465g – Carton of 6 Buckets  is a well loved favorite in maltesers, malt., mars, chocolate, choc balls, malteaser, malteser 465g,.

Handy re-sealable Bucket perfect for Parties and we are delivering wholesale lollies to retailers in Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct for your lolly buffet presentation at children’s parties.

Hand this bucket around your guests will appreciate you.

Country Of Origin: Made In Australia
Ingredients: sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter, glucose syrup (sources include wheat), barley malt extract, cocoa mass, vegetable fat, emulsifiers (soy lecithin, 492), wheat gluten, raising agents (501, 500), salt, natural flavour (vanilla extract), pectin.[13]. Contains 74% Milk Chocolate and 7.5% Malt Extract. Milk Chocolate contains a min of 25% Cocoa Solids and 22% Milk Solids.
Allergen Statement: Wheat Gluten Soy


Energy: 2100
Protein: 6.3
Total Fats: 22.9
-Saturated Fats 14.1
Carbohydrates 66.1
– Sugars 55.4
Sodium 108

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